ELIJAH: A Graphic Novel | Limited Quantity


Based on the Biblical story of 1 Kings 18, this graphic novel tells the story of Elijah, a prophet of God, who confronts the false prophets of his country to battle for the hearts of the Israelite people and to magnify the glory of his Holy God. I deeply resonate with the stories of the Old Testament prophets and the divine and miraculous acts they did in the name of the Lord, and so I wanted to showcase visually the powerful events and their underlying themes.

A 48 paged, full color, photo quality art book filled with illustrative and hand-drawn panels. This also includes with purchase a collection of 4 full color art prints from my ELIJAH series. Artist signature included. Order now as I only have a limited quantity!

For more information you can visit my website: dpillustrations.com.

Ships only in the U.S.